John Howard

Soul Jazz


John is an acoustic bassist/vocalist who also plays soft, mellow, flugelhorn on intros to ballads before singing and playing. His background as a soul/blues singer allows him to provide a variety of vocal interpretations, all couched in the jazz idiom he so loves. He is usually accompanied by a pianist, in a duo format, and a drummer as a trio. When performing with his Latin style quartet, which includes piano, congas and vibraphone, the music he provides goes to an entirely different energy level. Soulful background music to syncopated dance rhythms is what his “Soul Jazz” provides.

John is originally from the Chicago / Minneapolis area. After a 6 year stay in Seattle he moved to Vancouver in 1985 and is now a Canadian pensioned, permanent resident.

He has performed both R&B and Jazz, winning Demo Listen Derby in 1998 with the Blues/Rock band Small Mercies. Now playing acoustic bass/vocals and trumpet inclusively, he has focused his efforts on a soulful, bluesy style of jazz he calls Soul Jazz. His CD, featuring a quartet of that name, offers fourteen tracks of jazz classics and pop jazz stylings. Influenced by Al Jarreau, Ramsey Lewis, The Jazz Crusaders and George Benson. John’s interpretations present danceable, listenable, enjoyable music.

He can be seen live at various clubs and restaurants in the Vancouver area.

John is retired from regularly scheduled public performances. To book an engagement, please call John at 604-728-4418